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The Role of Bio Agriculture in Australia: Interview & Insights

The Role of Bio Agriculture in Australia

An Interview with Roger Tripathi

CEO & Founder of Global BioAg Linkages and BioAg Innovations

- Interview - 

Regarding the global bio agriculture market, can you share your insight into the biostimulant market segment?

"Overall, the global bio agriculture market growth, that includes biofertilizers, biostimulants and biopesticides, is tremendous. Just for example, the sheer growth and expansion of the global biostimulant market has greatly surpassed my expectations and has led to a revolutionary change in the world of agriculture. Back in 2016, the global biostimulant market was valued at $1.79 billion dollars- which initially, seemed very promising and exciting. Nevertheless, according to Grand View Research and few other research companies, the biostimulants market is predicted to expand outwards to roughly $4.14 billion dollars by the year 2025. The astonishing gap between $1.79 billion to $4.14 billion dollars illustrates how rapidly biostimulant products are taking over the segment of plant health. For example, biostimulant products, such as formulations including seaweed extracts, are gaining global awareness due to their capabilities in improved soil nutrient nourishment. The increased market for global biostimulant industry has been triggered by factors such as: toxicity of other agriculture inputs, environment friendliness, innovation production practices, new product offerings, increased availability, and advent of agriculture modernization."

"As exciting as this segment has become, I highly advise distributors and sellers of these biostimulant products to stay focused on AVOIDING being labelled as “snake oil sellers.” We cannot lose our focus on the claims that are being made, the trials being evaluated, and the research and time necessary to be implemented. The moment we become profit hungry is the moment this industry loses its true purpose. With an honest and sincere approach, we at Global BioAg Linkages and BioAg Innovations pledge to do our part in assisting the progression of this vital industry."

Why is sustainable agriculture important for Australia?

"With the population of Australia currently close to 25 million, and with agricultural exports as a major part of the economy, there is an increased need to protect agricultural lands, food security and food safety. Ensuring we maintain sustainable farming practices without compromising future generation’s ability to meet their own needs, and we increase global presence for Australian produce, it is fundamental to support the concept of sustainability."

"Sustainability is the flow of the environment, people, and profit seamlessly working together in complete harmony. As members of the bio agricultural world, we must be aware when circumstances are either sustainable or not. Farming becomes unsustainable when nutrients, water, soil, plants, crops productivity and farmer ROI erodes faster than they are replenished or improved. An imperative factor in maintaining sustainability includes ensuring a high level of biodiversity, especially in the soil and the surrounding environment; Soil health is becoming a huge challenge worldwide, significantly so in Australia. To work sustainably, we must investigate issues involving both the environment and land productivity. It is well known that many farmer centric organizations in Australia are working with scientists and researchers to develop farming systems that are both profitable and sustainable. Nevertheless, as members of a global bio agricultural society, we must seek solutions and answers as a collective entity, rather than just as individual countries regions. Bio agriculture as part of the ICM is the way to go."

How can BioAgriculture help Australian agriculture & horticulture challenges?

"The FAO perfectly explains BioAgriculture (otherwise sometimes known as organic agriculture but not limited to organic agriculture but residue free produce) as a system that utilizes proactive approaches rather than a reactive one to problems and challenges that arise due to irresponsible use of chemical products. BioAgriculture strives to achieve sustainability and pure equilibrium in the environment rather than trying to only chemically extrapolate issues such as pests, soil fertility concerns, and other crop and field challenges, by focusing on cohesive integrated crop management (ICM) solution that benefits the Eco balance. Biological, biostimulant, bio-nutrient, and bio-soil solutions can help Australian agriculture & horticulture tackle challenges much faster and more efficiently without the repercussions of mistreating the environment and its intertwined ecosystems. ICM combined with BioAg products and practices can be implemented when working with water, soil, air & climate change, and biodiversity."

"There are multiple readily accessible organic options and avenues for Australian farmers. However, there remains a multitude of hesitant farmers either unwilling or uninterested in converting over to more sustainable ICM practice. This hesitation exists due to old habits and the rapid results (quick fixes) often given from chemical solutions. Education and persistence are the key; by presenting farmers with data focused on the long-term benefits and outcomes of bio products, we will see a more successful shift in the market that illustrates the positive A-Z result of bio agricultural practices in Australian agriculture and horticulture."

Why is Australia an attractive market for BioAg companies? 

"One of the most applaudable factors regarding Australia, is their dedication and persistence in supporting the agriculture and horticulture industry as primary industries. Although they are not the largest agricultural market, their commitment to quality, attention to traceability, and exemplary role in food safety, make up for their overall agriculture and horticulture industry dominance, despite all the natural climatic challenges. According to data from AUSVEG, Australia’s production of fruits, nuts, and vegetables for 2017/18 was valued at $13.2 billion AUD, and their exports, for the same time frame, were valued at around $2.1 billion AUD, almost 16%. Australia has gained global acceptance for their quality produce, that is willing to pay a higher price for their quality produce and other exports. Growing rapidly and producing quality safe exports makes the Australian market incredibly attractive to BioAg companies. The Australian market has been successful due to its focus on sustainable and efficient efforts and practices towards safe food. BioAg companies see this progression and clear role for BioAg products; they see Australia’s hunger for innovation, sustainability, and growth; they see their dedicated collection of farmers who pride themselves in innovative practices. Australia’s glowing efforts for safe food are creating solid a market for BioAg companies from across the globe and therefore, substantial export growth for Australian produce. "

How Australia can be a big player in meeting future food needs?

“Australia has a world-leading and robust agricultural research and development sector supported by government, private business, universities and growers that produces world-leading research in on-farm and supply chain practices so that producers in the industry remain up-to-date on world-leading farm practices and technologies.” -AUSVEG

"Given Australia has a very impactful agricultural research and development sector, leads me to believe that Australia can successfully manage their current and future natural challenges by furthering Sustainable Agriculture. With robust research and thorough analysis of Australian farms and lands, usage of innovative technologies, and coalitions of dedicated farmers, the Australian agricultural sector can supersede its current numbers and overall market size in just a matter of years. Every single year, Australia surpasses its previous numbers significantly in terms of production and export value. This continuous growth and expansion within Australia will lead to the increased surplus capacity of produce and general crops. With the margins between population growth and food resource availability shrinking across the globe, it is an absolute necessity that our global efforts are maximized, and Australia’s surplus capacity is used to meet global demands. Australia is a doing a fantastic job in supporting global food needs. This is the type of leadership that will prompt sustainability and the success of the agricultural industry and future generations to come."

How can Global BioAg Linkages support the Australian Horticulture industry?

"As Australia becomes the safe produce export hub, the global companies and individuals need linkages that allow direct connections and communications with the Australian agricultural industry with the world. As a company that focuses on global networking, Global BioAg Linkages can play a vital role in facilitating and forming new relationships between distributors and farmers of Australia to global markets. There are good consultants and advisors in various countries but there is a visible gap of a global network of consultants and advisors who are connected worldwide under one umbrella; GBAL provides that vast network."

"As global business match makers, BioAg IPM solutions are a must to improve food quality and safety, thus important for the food chain globally. GBAL can connect BioAg companies from across the globe to Australia, to assist two-way food chain demands. Whether you need assistance navigating regulatory hurdles, developing R&D protocol, finding suitable distributors, investors and partners, or are seeking strategic guidance at the corporate level, we have the connections and business associates to help. Our service includes a comprehensive consult to help identify gaps and opportunities, a comprehensive report that includes a project plan with timelines and milestones, a cost analysis, and a schedule. We also offer a suite of quality products that will help you get there quickly and smoothly. That’s how we ensure your success. Come and be part of the Australian agricultural and horticultural segment if you have BioAgriculture product innovations or benefit from safe and healthy produce exports from Australia to the world."

- END of Interview -


Appendix - About Roger Tripathi

Roger is a persistent Global Business Leader with a broad based multinational/ multi-cultural background who has worked and lived in most continents. Roger is an Australian and American citizen, however, can’t get over his love for Australia, follows: Australian Agriculture, Aussie Rules and Cricket from wherever he is in the world. 

Roger is a result driven, no nonsense, business leader with 36+ years of distinguished global business experience in the agriculture industry since 1983, focused on exceptional results, out of the box strategy development and execution with realistic sense of urgency. Roger started as a plant breeder, however, steadily turned into a business turn-around specialist in various segments including fertilizer, seeds, Ag-chem and bio agriculture. Roger has been a passionate supporter of BioAgriculture and is tirelessly promoting Sustainable Agriculture globally with Integrated Crop Solution and Farmer Centricity at its core. Roger truly believes that if all R&D and commercial companies focus on “grower to consumer” and “soil to shelf” with “farmers ROI” in mind, we can achieve true sustainability.

Before founding Global BioAg Linkages and BioAg Innovations, Roger had an extremely successful career as President of – Acadian Plant Health Division, Managing Director of – Cytozyme, Head of Vegetable, Biologics & Food Chain Business – Bayer Crop Science, and several other turn around out of the box results. Roger lives in Alpine, Utah, USA.

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