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About Global BioAg Linkages (GBL)

Global BioAg Linkages, established in 2017 iss exactly what the word "linkages" promises: a global outreach to all segments of the BioAgTech industry, from farmers to innovators to regulatory areas to business and marketing aspects.

GBL accomplishes this global focus through its BioAg World (BAW) Platform: an online magazine, a massive networking event, a cutting-edge, CCA-certified training platform and our experts
--- specializing in all aspects of BioAgTech in all parts of the world.  

The online magazine, BAW Digest, truly is a publication by the industry for the industry. With articles by many of our industry leaders, latest guidelines in Human Resources, Recruitment and  regulatory goals, breaking news, events, Women in Agriculture and other regular features.

GBL organizes the BioAgTech World Congress each year. We have held this event in India, Spain, Brazil and now in the US in Raleigh, NC on April 22-26, 2024! 

Our latest landmark is the BAW Academy. The latest information is presented to our students by industry leaders in CCA-accredited BioAgTech Training Modules every Month! Topics such as "Biostimulants: From Science to Practice to Results"; "Plant and Soil Microbiomes: A Hidden World of Crop Solutions" and "Smart Soil Health Management, Naturally" are just a  few of the exciting courses being offered.

In addition, GBL's Advisory Services brings experts from around the world to assist YOU and your business  
---  actually becoming part of your team  ---  until you reach the defined goals of your personalized plan. We also offer expert advising in the synergistic areas of seeds & biotechnology, specialty plant nutrition and precision ag.

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