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Australian Horticulture Industry

Home to Industry Innovators and Leaders

The Australian horticulture industry is one of Australia’s biggest and fastest growing agricultural industries, with a total of 6.5 million tonnes of fruit, vegetables and nuts produced in 2017/18 valued at AUD $13.2 billion. The industry is also increasing its exporting capabilities, with Australian horticultural exports valued at AUD $2.1 billion in 2017/18, with the highest value export crops being almonds, table grapes, citrus, carrots and summer fruits.

The Australian horticulture industry has a global reputation as being a high-quality producer of safe, delicious horticultural produce. The industry is fast-growing and has a massive potential to grow, particularly given the increased international demand for Australian fresh produce and the growing middle-class populations in Asia to the country’s north willing to pay a premium for high-quality fruit, vegetables and nuts.

Australian horticultural producers are eager adopters of new innovations and technologies, which helps ensure that they can continue to produce high-quality fruits, vegetables and nuts in a more sustainable and effective and cost-efficient manner. Australia also has a world-leading, robust, agricultural research and development sector supported by government, private business, universities and growers that produces world-leading research in on-farm and supply chain practices so that producers in the industry remain up-to-date on world-leading farm practices and technologies.

The Australian horticulture industry converges once a year for Hort Connections, the biggest trade show and networking event for the Australian horticulture industry. The event, hosted by AUSVEG and the Produce Marketing Association Australia – New Zealand, allows growers, researchers and all supply chain participants to network and provides the best opportunity for delegates to learn the latest research, technologies and innovations taking place in the industry. For more information on Hort Connections, click here. More details are provided below.

"Global BioAg Linkages is proud to be associated with AUSVEG and has created a two way linkage for global markets with some of the best farmers from Australia.

Visit for more information about us. See you at Hort Connections in the most livable city in the world, Melbourne, Australia." - Roger Tripathi

Information and content has been provided by AUSVEG.

For more information on the Australian Hort Connections Event, please visit the Hort Connections website

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Hort Connections, June 24-26, 2019

Hosted by AUSVEG & Produce Marketing Association Australia

Sponsored by Global BioAg Linkages "Locally Global"

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