PAT-Precision Ag Technology
Business Unit

  • Commercializing Precision BioAg to Save Time and Costs: Reduce Fertilizer and Chemical Application Costs, Reduce Pollution Through Less Use of Chemicals

  • Integrating Precision Ag Tech in Integrated Crop and Farm Management to Provide Better Farm Records Essential for Sale and Succession

  • BioAg and Precision Ag Tech Benefits to be Promoted to Make All Activities on Farm Easier and to Improve Farm Productivity


NEL-Network, Events & Liaison Business Unit

  • Organizes World's Most Tailored BioAg Event

  • An Event By the Industry, For the Industry

  • Partners with Other Relevant Events and Media Campaigns

GTL-Go-to-Market Linkages-Europe& Americas

RTH-Recruitment, Training & Human Resources Business Unit

  • Discrete Talent Matching

  • Tailored Talent Hunting

  • Specialized Human Resource Development Training