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Meet the Team: PNBU

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

We are proud to introduce Dr. Eran Barak not only as a fellow team member, but also as the Managing Director of our Plant Nutrition Business Unit (PNBU).

With a Ph.D in Agronomy from Hebrew University in Israel and a Post Doctorate from Guelph University in Canada, Eran has grown a wealth of experience by working with such companies as Adama as a Fungicide Products Manager, Haifa Chemicals as Chief Agronomist, Vice President of Marketing, and R&D Director; and ICL Specialty Fertilizers as the Director of Product Development & Technology, culminating in +35 years of experience.

Eran says, “Over these 22 years with Agrochemical companies, I experienced pesticides, fertilizers (much of the focus on CRF [Controlled Release Fertilizer] and WSF [Water-Soluble Fertilizer]), and during the last 10 years ‘biologicals’ for modern, intensive agriculture.

“I managed research, agronomy development ( conducted more than 200 field and greenhouse trials per year with Universities and researchers and marketing of new modern fertilizers, such as specialty plant nutrients, fertilizers (WSF, CRF, nano nutrient technologies), and biologicals (biostimulants, signal molecules, PGPRs [plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria], nitrogen fixation bacteria and fungi; solubilizing phosphate bacteria; and biological nitrification inhibitors).”

Roger Tripathi the CEO and Founder of GBAL added, ‘Eran and I have worked as industry cooperators for years. It was extremely pleasing to me to welcome Eran to GBAL as Managing Director for Plant Nutrition Business Unit. The whole industry knows Eran’s commitment, belief and passion as to how Bio-Innovation can add true value to Plant Nutrition. Eran has years of experience in trying to develop and support such innovation. Eran is now committed to help global specialty fertilizer businesses as a business-matchmaker through Global BioAg Linkages (GBAL).”

All plant nutrition industry players, please contact us at or or, if you need any linkages, guidance or support. GBAL is going from strength to strength with leaders such as Sabine Henning and Eran Barak joining the group.


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