Regional Managing Director and Partner, Americas and EMEA

Global BioAg Linkages

Rejane De Moraes, Ph.D.


Dr. Rejane de Moraes brings over 20 years of experience in agriculture crop protection, where she has played a variety of technical and business roles. Rejane holds a BS degree in Agronomy, a Masters in Crop Production, both from the Federal University of Pelotas in her native country of Brazil, and a Ph.D. in Entomology from the University of Florida. Rejane’s passion for sustainable agriculture has been a common thread through the years. She started her career as the technical manager for the end-to-end production of a microbial insecticide based on Baculovirus anticarsia, contributing to the use of this biological control agent in more than 1 million soybean hectares in Brazil in the early 90s. After her Ph.D., she joined a large crop protection R&D company where she managed teams, programs and global projects contributing to the discovery and commercialization of environmentally sound insecticides and fungicides.


Rejane is passionate about developing high-performing and cohesive teams and leading these teams to develop/improve processes to enhance organizational effectiveness. Her team leadership, Six Sigma and project management skills were essential to implement a state-of-the art chemical sample management facility with capacity to physically store and manage inventory for over 1.5 million samples; to develop and launch a global field trial management system where thousands of field protocols and field trial data were easily entered, stored and analyzed to aid scientists on making quality decisions regarding their pipeline product candidates. Recently, Rejane has served as a business development director for a global regulatory contract research organization (CRO) where she helped clients gain access to market, while increasing her knowledge of the US regulatory framework for conventional and biopesticides, as well as fertilizers and bioag nutritionals.