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BREAKING NEWS!!! Garth Drury joins GBAL as Managing Director for Regulatory and Field Development

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

A passionate and tenacious Regulatory and Field Development leader with over 30 years of experience in large and small businesses, Garth Drury joins Global BioAg Linkages (GBAL) as Managing Director for the Regulatory and Field Development vertical.

Garth Drury is an experienced senior regulatory and development leader based in Lyon, France. He is also a project management trainer and regular speaker at conferences, having previously presented on operator safety, import tolerances and anti-counterfeiting. Garth enjoys solving clients’ technical, regulatory and advocacy challenges whether it be one-time troubleshooting or more complex multi-year projects. Garth is excited to join GBAL and commented, "GBAL business model is the need of the hour to support our small and medium size businesses in connecting them globally and helping them with specific business-related issues through global experts of GBAL, with full flexibility."

Since 2018, Garth has been the Scientific Director of GAB Consulting, leading both the scientific sections and the regulatory/project management group. He previously worked as Director of R&D, EMEA at Arysta, managing over 100 technical staff across Europe. Prior to May 2016, he worked for Rotam in Europe and China as Head of Global Regulatory Affairs (50+ reports). Before 2011, Garth worked for Bayer and predecessor companies at a European and global level in both PPPs and biocides. He has participated in various industry working groups, including the OECD EG working on Emission Scenario Documents under the BPD (98/8/EC) and the Seed TROPEX taskforce.

An agronomist by training, Garth completed further studies in agricultural engineering at Silsoe (UK). He started his career in the industry with Schering in 1987, and later moved into regulatory affairs in 1994 with UPL as their European lead in time for Directive 91/414/EEC.

"Garth is one of those professionals who understands the pain points of small and medium size businesses and shares GBAL philosophies completely. Garth’s joining the team is going to fill a much needed leadership role in the Regulatory and Field Development vertical, supported by regional experts such as João Pontin from Brazil."

- Roger Tripathi (CEO & Founder of Global BioAg Linkages)

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