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Welcome to Andy Hedgecock!

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

PBI and GBAL is even stronger after Andy Hedgecock joins as Business Development and Associate Business Partner


Andy is an experienced senior professional with a broad set of skills in the external affairs areas in the agricultural industry. His experience spans mining, manufacturing, R&D, stewardship, sustainability, regulatory, scientific, industry and public affairs. Andy has been consulting since 2018, focusing on regulatory strategy, technical advocacy, and engagement.

Andy previously worked as the Global Regulatory Affairs Director at FMC. He founded and led the Scientific Affairs team at DuPont Pioneer, and he also progressed through a series of technical and leadership positions at Monsanto including Director of U.S. Chemical Regulatory Affairs and Director for Global Issues Management. He has worked on projects related to M&A, governance, advocacy, issues management and defense of both crop protection chemicals and biotech seeds. In addition to agriculture, he also has experience in the basic chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Andy holds a bachelor's degree in chemistry and a master's in industrial chemistry from the University of Central Florida and an Executive MBA from Washington University, St. Louis. Andy’s ability to network and communicate has allowed him to drive projects and actions quickly and efficiently. He has a history of working with a broad group of subject matter experts to support engagement and issues management with regulators and other stakeholders. He’s skilled at navigating through complex issues, finding ways to bring stakeholders together, and moving to action. Andy works well in collaborating, coordinating, and communicating with diverse groups and cultures, both technical and non-technical. He’s skilled at translating technology and bringing understanding to all audiences, serving as a liaison between regulators, technical teams, and commercial teams.

Transparency, sustainability, and creating a circular economy are the foundation for all successful businesses. Andy is passionate about sustainability and how it can help build public trust, a positive corporate reputation, and a competitive advantage for a company that fully develops and executes on it.

“Andy brings exceptional leadership, scientific and technical advocacy experience to GBAL and PBI. A robust regulatory strategy is critical in today’s biologicals business and I believe GBAL clients and PBI business will be stronger with Andy’s robust industry background and experience.” Roger Tripathi, Founder and CEO of GBAL and PBI.


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