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  • Roger Tripathi

PGPR 2019 Sixth Asian Biennial Conference

The 6th Conference for the Asian PGPR is already halfway over. This conference is put together every two years by the Asian PGPR Congress for Sustainable Agriculture in an effort to bring together “scientists, researchers, academicians, government groups, students, farmers, and industry personnel, etc. from various agricultural disciplines [for the purpose of] meet[ing] and discuss[ing] their common interests in teaching, research and commercialization of PGPR.” (

Major Members of the Asian PGPR Conference

What is PGPR?

It stands for Plant Growth-Promoting Rhizobacteria, a term coined in the 1970s by Joseph W. Kloepper (A SEMINAR PAPER ON Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria [PGPR]: Current & Future Prospective for Sustainable Agriculture, Monjur Morshed). This group was founded to meet the needs of the above-mentioned movers and shakers of the industry that primarily reside in Asia but can’t attend every gathering for every international conference. Or as Asia PGPR puts it:

“…to have an outlet where we could have alternative workshops and congresses that could be more accessible to people in Asian region of the world, given that it is difficult for many people interested in PGPR research to attend every International Conference.”

Who's involved?

Many people all around the world. In centered in Asia to meet a growing market and demand for more activity and involvement in the field.

As an eager participant of these studies, Roger Tripathi, Chairman and Co-Founder of BioAg Linkages and BioAg Innovations, not only attended, but gave a speech on "Critical Linkages Between Commercialization and Innovation- the Way Forward" at the event. He also helped inaugurate its opening this year.

Roger is a strong advocate for this aspect of the industry and for his efforts he was awarded the “Award for Excellence in PGPR Research” at this year’s conference.

Roger pleased as punch with his award

PGPR has a lot of potentials for being a key factor in the future of BioAg industries because of its natural bacteria that stimulate seed growth and help the plant build up natural resistance to disease.

To find out more about our involvement in the field of PGPR please reach out and contact us for more information or sign up for our newsletter. Or if you have an interest in being involved with Asian PGPR, please head to this website to find out how.


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