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Our Global BioAg Linkages (GBAL) Go-To-Market Business Unit Can Assist You in Global Expansion!

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

There is an abundance of inspiring innovators and fresh ideas here in the BioAg arena – this is quite fortunate for farmers and distributors! What is rather unfortunate are the many intricacies that surround getting into the global market, making so many innovators and budding companies with nowhere to go or make wrong choices.

That is where we at GBAL step in to help as we bring an array of services all in one convenient place. Our Go-To-Market vertical is this unique “one-stop shop” concept that we are proud to bring into the BioAg industry setting us apart because we work as fractional team members to our partner companies and not just act as a consultant.

Go-To-Market is spearheaded by no other than our very own CEO and founder Roger Tripathi and seasoned proven regional leaders. Tripathi, a passionate and persistent global agribusiness leader with broad based multinational-multicultural background. With 35+ years of distinguished global experience in the agriculture industry, Tripathi is focused on results and brings the utmost value to all our clients in an urgent manner.

To understand the significance of this vertical, let’s go back in time to the very purpose why GBAL was established. We came into existence because there are lots of consulting companies that link globally but all of them don’t think like a consultant. Our mission is to connect BioAg businesses globally based on the need and based on the solution, explained Mr Tripathi.

“That means we are as local as you can get,” says Tripathi, “but we are connected globally. All of our experts are local to their regions because we need to have someone on the ground who actually knowns and understands the uniqueness of their location.”

Something that makes GBAL special is that the entire team is made up of generalists and specialists. By generalists, we mean our team knows all aspects of the BioAg arena – marketing, business development, sales and so forth – but we also have specialists who know their respective regions and products.

“We don’t act as consultants, we act as fractional team members having skin and heart in the game,” says Tripathi with enthusiasm. “We are business matchmakers with locally global and globally local coverage.”

For any client who approaches GBAL with a BioAg product or services, the team is sure to have all the tools in hand to help them get those assets into the hands of the right customers. Go-To-Market is full service, offering everything a growing BioAg company might need from field development and trials all the way through business planning and detailed marketing strategy. This wide umbrella also encompasses the difficult places to breach such as setting up a pathway to get into different countries with the regulatory and placement of products. Finally, the GBAL team also does the heavy lifting of dealer setup and, ultimately, revenue generation.

“We create the market plan for our companies on where their products can go globally,” says Tripathi, “and do the work of setting up trials, registration and distribution.”

The whole process GBAL provides, he adds, is an entire A to Z process under a single umbrella with a team that truly does it all. Please reach out to us at


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