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New Business Development Partner, Roger Plana, to Boost PBI and GBAL in EMEA!

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Roger Plana, the new business development partner of Primary BioAg Innovations and Global BioAg Linkages, is a skilled professional with over 13 years’ experience in agribusiness and agri-input distribution in local, as well as International markets. He specializes in operational marketing, technical market insight, product portfolio/lifecycle management and business planning, and is known for his target focused approach resulting in a proven impact on the growth and profitability of the company. He also has hands-on experience in specialty fertilizers and biostimulants as well as expertise in establishing new business models and recognized marketing strategies. This suits PBI and GBAL needs completely.

Roger has led National, as well as International marketing teams for different organizations, including COMPO EXPERT and Trelleborg Wheel Systems. He is an Agronomist with an MBA in Agribusiness from UPC, Barcelona and an Executive Master’s in marketing from EADA Barcelona. He is an avid learner and has many degrees to his credit. His research capabilities will be critical for GBAL.

Roger and GBAL came together due to Rogers’ competitive and collaborative attitude with solid recommendations in the agribusiness sector and in continuous learning, which enables him to add out of the box thinking in (re)shaping market approach and sales accomplishments. He has intrapreneurial spirit and is highly adaptable which allows him to establish the product well in new markets. Roger has demonstrated experience in working with large teams across different cultures. He’s highly skilled at consistent expansion of market share and at developing and implementing the marketing mix for country unit & cluster.

“I joined GBAL & PBI because I was at the crossroads in my career to pursue new business challenges, and I love the passion and determination for farmer centricity and the entrepreneurial business model of GBAL & PBI. I foresee an opportunity to enjoy open communication, flexibility, and collaboration with a global and reputable team and for achieving personal growth targets. I am highly motivated to find and implement go-to-market opportunities for GBAL clients and to secure their leadership, profitability and brand reputation throughout EMEA”, stated Roger Plana.

“With Roger as partner of PBI and GBAL this will bring extraordinary Agronomic and Marketing and Team leadership to the table. In order to increase market share, a strong and strategic marketing approach is necessary. With Roger onboard, PBI Business will be established soon in EMEA, and GBAL clients will have enhanced services to help their businesses. Our EMEA team with Garth Drury, Benoit Gossaert, Francois Levesque and now with Roger Plana, we have a very strong team in EMEA” said Roger Tripathi Founder and CEO of GBAL and PBI.

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