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Meet the team: Showkat Sarkar MD of Go-2-Market for APAC

Showkat Sarkar is a seasoned senior leadership professional with over 25 years of rich experience in business management, sales and marketing management and leading cross functional business and country teams, cutting across the B2B and B2C spaces.

With a master’s degree in management from Dhaka University, his experience spans across varied fields like agriculture, textile & apparels, food & beverages, paints, plastics, performance polymers, fluorochemicals, textile chemicals, advanced printing etc.

Twenty-five years were spent in two multinational corporations (MNCs) of which 6 years were as a Country Manager/Managing Director with profit and loss (P&L) responsibility at DuPont. He worked 17 years for Coats PLC a global textile MNC. Five of those years had been in Pakistan as an expatriate developing business and built a plant and team to run the show effectively.

His experience at DuPont spans about 6 years as the country lead where he was heavily engaged in introducing several new products and services for DuPont in Bangladesh. This included establishing the operations, recruitment and development of teams; distribution channels, etc. DuPont’s agri-business started in Bangladesh under his leadership and is now growing rapidly.

“The good mix of business and functional and country leadership roles,” Shakat said, “have given me a unique mix of depth and breadth of understanding various facets of business management and also have laid a good foundation of a pragmatic and practical approach to business. The joy of creating at home and abroad over the years have been the main encouragement for me.

“I’m truly excited to be a part of GBAL where there is a mix of leaders and teams who are working with a huge network and providing expertise in the field of agriculture. I believe I will be in a position to contribute more to GBAL and our clients using my expertise and network. I also feel that this unique platform can create a true revolution in the agriculture sector using the latest innovations and expertise with true global presence with a strong, dedicated team.”

“Having Showkat as a leader of our go to market in Sourh Asia will ensure our success with his global experience in the market and versatility in bioproducts," Roger expressed. "With his years of MNC and small to medium size companies experience to back him, Showkat has shown time and again his devotion and passion to sound agrictultural and businesses practices which he now uses daily for our GBAL team. We are so excited to have him with us IN THE LEADERSHIP TEAM!"


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