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Pontin's expertise to grow your business in and from Brazil is now available through GBAL!

Updated: May 10, 2020

João Pontin, a proven and a very reputed ag professional in Brazil, joins the GBAL family to pursue his sustainability and bioag segment goals. Pontin has received a degree in Agronomy from State University of São Paulo, in Business & Administration from Mackenzie University, an MBA in “Plant Health” at IAC State Research Institute, is a post graduate in Environmental Management at UNICAMP, and has a Master’s degree in Sustainability at Catholic University (PUC-Campinas).

Pontin worked with R&D companies for 25 years, where he acquired solid expertise within areas such as product registration, regulatory affairs, product development, market development, product launching, and product feasibility within specific markets. He started as a consultant in 2009 supporting biopesticide and biofertilizer companies to reach the market as well as assisting with integrated pest management projects.

Pontin developed excellent relationships with different hierarchical levels in the private and governmental Brazilian regulatory arena, working with problem solution and regional standardization of registration requirements at the CropLife-LA Regulatory Committee. He has expertise on the development of new use directions and new products, development of processes from conception throughout all stages up to and including agricultural application, packaging disposal, and potential environmental impacts through monitoring projects. His experience also expands into the promotion of interactive projects within the sugarcane production sector among agricultural input companies, sugar mills and official researchers, by co-founding a technical forum at the official research institute IAC/SP, to exchange technology and knowledge among players.

“Although I'm working for chemical product companies,” Pontin said, “I always had an inner and personal purpose to move into biosolutions. I feel that as a GBAL partner I may be able to support project developments from and within the Brazilian market, to support our farms and farmers.”

“What impresses me about Pontin,” Roger CEO and Founder of GBAL said, “is his sincerity, his knowledge, his deep network in Brazil and his empathy for farmers. The GBAL model and what Pontin has built in Brazil has tremendous synergies, not only can we support Brazilian BioAg businesses but also connect global BioAg businesses to Brazil and vice versa. Together I see us being able to bring Brazil products globally and global products to Brazil. I am overjoyed to be working with this kind of passionate and reputed expert.”


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