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Francois Levesque Joins GBAL as Partner and MD of Event and Training Business Unit to support

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

Levesque has Joined as a Partner Managing Director of the Event & Training Business Unit (ETBU), to Support Our Joint Passion for Sustainable Agriculture!

François is an inspiring leader with 24 years of experience in growing businesses, opening new markets, managing distribution channels, guiding product development, launching business adjacencies, operating production facilities, driving post-acquisition integration, developing talent and building/coaching teams. Formerly, he did business in a multicultural, cross-functional environment and managed full P&L (profit and loss) responsibilities from strategic/business planning to its operational execution.

About GBAL’s new endeavor François says: “I am excited to join GBAL’s group of global Ag experts. I firmly believe in sustainable and profitable agriculture that adopts biological and data solutions. The world digitalization and planet environmental challenges require to get on an accelerated business track where access to valuable knowledge and networking is critical to remaining ahead of the game. GBAL Events & Training aims at nourishing the thinking of the bioag industry leaders with the latest innovations from the sciences and the business practices. It will disseminate technical expertise throughout the industry and its distribution channels, facilitating premium peers networking to accelerate adoption of biological crop care solutions and supporting eco-intensive, organic, zero-residue and regenerative agricultures.”

Prior to joining GBAL, François Levesque was a managing director of New Ag International, expanding the reach of the information/networking/training services and bringing the data dimension into the coverage of its high-tech agriculture content. He learned the precision and digital industry from his global sales and marketing role at Geosys, specialized in transforming satellite images data into time and site-specific field prescriptions as well as production volume prediction of world commodities. Prior to that, he held several upper management roles at Valmont Industries, a global leading provider of precise irrigation technologies, from sales to marketing, product development, market expansion, channel performance, production operations and general management responsibilities.

François goes on to say, “After a successful start of the BioAg World Congress Series in India in 2019, GBAL takes the bioag industry to California in May 2020 where a strong specialty crops agriculture is looking for sustainable field/crop solutions to reverse climate change and meet new food consumption habits. On behalf of GBAL, I look forward to supporting your biological business worldwide.”

Roger Tripathi CEO, Founder and Managing Partner of GBAL said, “I welcome François to the GBAL family not only as a partner but also as managing director of our very important Event & Training Business Unit (ETBU). His passion for biological crop care solutions supporting eco-intensive, organic, zero-residue and regenerative agricultures plus his leadership and experience working in this segment, will be an asset for sure. We look forward to creating the best ‘BioAg event by the industry, for the industry’.


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